Meet the team


Jameson Lett is a Financial Advisor with a nationwide practice based in Columbus, Ohio. He loves the challenge in honing his craft and all of the unique clients he gets to work with. But the path to get to where he is today was less than conventional.

Weary of the traditional advisory model with its narrow focus and cookie-cutter advice, Jameson graduated from The Ohio State University and chose a different path: He spent 5 years working with people with developmental disabilities to help them achieve meaningful employment and community engagement. The work was never boring and elicited its own reward, but Jameson saw the way that proper financial planning could drastically enhance people’s lives, particularly when medical complexities were part of the equation. Unable to shake the entrepreneurial itch, he began laying the foundation for his future business in 2012. Through the help of others and with a healthy mix of creativity and grit, Jameson launched his practice in the early Spring of 2013.

Over the years Jameson has developed and refined a planning process that helps people see their financial world in a way they often never have before. Today he is proud to run a comprehensive planning practice that delivers custom-tailored strategies to other business owners, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and the many other professionals and families that make it all possible. Best of all, Jameson is still fortunate to advocate for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to working with the families and businesses that operate in this space, Jameson also serves on the board of directors for I Am Boundless, one of the largest and fastest growing service-providers in Ohio.


A native of Buffalo, New York, Judy earned a B.A. in Social Work and Psychology from Michigan State University and an MSW from Wilfred Laurier University. After practicing in the field for 8 years, she went on to earn an MBA from Boston University. Judy worked for 20 years in corporate America in both public and private companies in a variety of industries, from high tech to consumer products and ship interior building. She held positions in the areas of financial/business analysis, strategy, and senior management positions overseeing operations, finance, and human resources. After years in corporate America, Judy got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to purchase a boutique flooring company franchise.

Upon determining that the franchise model was not all it professed to be, Judy decided to exit the business, pivot, and leverage the skills and knowledge she had gained throughout her diverse career. Her decision to become a financial advisor was inspired by her own personal experience of a difficult divorce in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. She realized that she’d neglected to assume responsibility for her own personal financial wellbeing. She worked hard to successfully build a new life for herself.

Judy has thoughtfully developed her knowledge, skills, and processes to help people find the support and insights they need to navigate their personal financial life successfully. She has her Life & Health, Series 6, 63 and 65 licenses, as well as the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP ) designation. She works collaboratively with other professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, property and casualty insurance agents, and others to ensure her clients are surrounded by the right team to help them achieve their goals.

Judy lives with her husband Bruce in Columbus OH. She has a daughter, Elyse, who lives in New York City with her husband, Mohit, and teaches elementary schools in Harlem, New York.  Judy and Elyse are currently writing a series of children’s books to help inner city kids aged 7-9 learn about money and how it works. They plan to supplement the book with supporting materials for teachers to promote in-class discussion and learning. Judy loves rowing, hiking, traveling, reading, cooking, and learning about (and drinking) good wine.

Our Values

Ever have a bad experience with a financial advisor? When I hear about these experiences, they can usually be boiled down to violating one of the following principles that we take to heart:


“Imagine it’s mine.”

It’s the golden rule of financial planning: We treat your money, your planning decisions, and your personal goals as though they were our own. Because at the end of the day, we don’t live the decisions you make… you do. We feel the weight of this responsibility.  By putting ourselves in your shoes we take on your priorities and treat every decision that you have to make as though we were making it for ourselves, for our own families and for our own legacy.



“Stay the course.”

Finances can be complicated. We follow a very specific process to ensure first and foremost that we understand you: What makes you tick, what milestones matter to you, what results are you really after. Are you worried you may have missed something? No problem. Our process is designed to address every area where you could, would, or should be making important financial decisions. This way, you stay informed and have the opportunity to address all areas of your financial world in a way that is organized and holistic.



“What else?”

One of the most underestimated roles of your financial advisory team is to listen. And guess what? Some people are better listeners than others! We are sincerely interested in understanding your journey and the story of your life. So we ask questions. We listen for important details. Then we ask more questions to foster clarity and a complete understanding of  your life goals.



“Be complete.”

Have you ever made a financial decision and regretted it later? This is usually the result of some key information that you did not have at the time you made the decision, but perhaps discovered later on… when it was too late! Our process is designed to explore every detail and to model out various assumptions (even the ones you didn’t think of). This enables you to more easily weigh the pros and cons based on complete information. Take your next financial decision for a test drive before you take action.



“Keep it simple.”

We know how overwhelming finances can be, especially as you gain more and more success. So we invest in tools and conversations that bring clarity to your financial world. Our experience has been that by keeping you informed and limiting all the financial jargon you will feel more organized and empowered to take control over your financial life.


Our Firm

Founded in Towson, MD 40 years ago, First Financial Group, became one of the largest independently-owned financial services firms in the Mid-Atlantic area. As of 2020, the combined firm had $4 billion in assets under management, $16 billion in life and disability insurance in force, 4,500 business clients, and 36,000 total clients, with offices in four states and a workforce of 50 full time staff.